How the Cannabis Growing Machine The Leaf Works

Have you ever fancied growing cannabis but it looked far too complicated for you? Well, you may just be interested in the Leaf system, one of the latest automatic cannabis growers on the market!
Now, cannabis plants are not made to be grown indoors. Therefore you must work incredibly hard to ensure that they get the correct amount of heat and light. They are sensitive. You get something wrong, even with a few nutrients, and you will completely mess up your crop. You probably do not want to do that when you have spent weeks growing it, salivating over the prospect that you will consume it soon. Leaf reduces or eliminates this margin for error.

Leaf is an automated grow cabinet. The idea is that you put your crop inside of the enclosure, close the door, set what you want to grow on the nifty smartphone app they provide you with, and you are ready to go. There is no real ‘effort’ to it. Perhaps the biggest piece of effort you are going to need to put in is pulling the Leaf into your home. It is a very weighty machine.
These are the features you will be able to enjoy with the Leaf:
⁃ The plants will grow fully automatically. There will be little input on your part. You set the machine to grow whatever crop you want at the start (it deals with so much more than just cannabis), and then you are ready to go.
⁃ Throughout the process, the Leaf will precisely control the temperature and humidity inside of it. This feature will ensure that you can grow crops in their optimum condition. Under these circumstances, the beautiful cannabis you have grown is going to taste awesome.
⁃ Automatic nutrient dosing. This component will ensure that your plants are getting all the nutrients that they need to thrive.
⁃ If you wish to set up automatic water changes, you will be able to do that too. This process will require a small amount of plumbing, but it is not going to be anything too complicated.
While the Leaf has a plethora of different ‘recipes’ built into it, new methods are being added to the Leaf community all the time. This way you will be able to download new ones and ultimately shake up the way in which the machine is working. You can even share your recipes with the rest!

Check out the following video that illustrates the process:

At every stage, you will get updates on your phone which will tell you the conditions that the plant is growing in. This way you can ensure that everything is working as smoothly as possible.
So, that is really how the Leaf machine works. It is an automated system which does your growing for you. All you need to do is select your seed and give it a few weeks before you can taste the amazing cannabis you have grown in the comfort of your home.

How To Build A Website On Which You Could Sell Cannabis

Marijuana is now legally accepted in a significant number of states in America. Therefore, it is high time for you to start your ecommerce store as a cannabis seller. You don’t need to possess any technical skills or have any previous experience of selling cannabis in the past. You can simply learn the basics within a couple of days and start selling marijuana on your own.

Studies find that most people who are interested in purchasing marijuana tend to go online. Therefore, an excellent opportunity is available for you to start your online store. If you can set up a store and promote it, you will be able to get customers flowing in. Then you need to be careful enough to offer the best possible service to your customers and increase your potential customer base along with time. After a couple of months, you would see yourself earning a decent amount of money per month.

If you are not a technical person, now you must be wondering how you can set up your website to sell cannabis online. You don’t need to develop a website from scratch. You can easily use a theme and do some customizations as per your preferences. However, you need to pick a nicely designed theme, which you can easily install on your website. That’s where you can take a look at the templates that are offered by Dispensary Web Design. This site has been able to maintain a solid reputation throughout the past by providing themes for people who are interested in setting up their online dispensaries. You can quickly browse through the available professionally developed templates on the website and select the one you like best.

You also want to structure your site in a way that best encourages your web visitors to leave their contact information or buy your product. Jared Mirsky CEO and founder of Online Marijuana Design, and agency, full of experts branding pot, says that websites should read a value proposition on its landing pages.

“Value propositions are a short summation of the solution your company provides, and why the potential customer should get it from you,” Mirsky said,

He also added that your location is in Colorado or Washington, your cannabis-selling website is legally required to have people confirm that they are 21 or older.

Last but not least, you need to have some motivation to go ahead and start creating your site, which offers marijuana for your customers. That’s where you need to take a look at this successful entrepreneur. Ben Kovacs is the owner of two different online platforms that sell marijuana. He built these websites on the Shopify platform. Mr. Kovacs has been able to achieve success in his business ventures within a short period. At the moment, he is earning somewhere close to $1 million per year by just selling cannabis through his websites.

Anyone can be like Ben Kovacs. As the first step, create your website. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to become a millionaire overnight by selling cannabis. Successfully selling marijuana through an online store is a step by step process, and you need to stick to the basics throughout.

Do not let this author discourage you, nonetheless. With advances in legislation, this is an ideal time to launch your cannabis-selling venture.

Massroots app recruits celebrities to grow user base

The popularity of weed is increasing on a daily basis. In today’s world, weed is no longer being sold on the back alleys and basements. There are licensed shops that sell pot in 23 different states of United States. People who are looking forward to purchasing marijuana just need to visit these stores and buy. This trend has created an ideal platform for the increasing popularity of Massroots app.

What exactly is Massroots? Massroots can be defined as the Instagram of weed. I’m sure you are familiar with Instagram and how it works. Massroots is based on the same features, but it is specifically designed for weed lovers. Now you don’t need to share your “weed” related photos on Instagram. You are provided with a dedicated platform, and you just need to go there and share what you got. All the people who have signed up with Massroots are weed lovers just like you. You would find your friends in this app as well.

MassRoots Short Ad (iPhone)-HD from MassRoots on Vimeo.

At the moment, Massroots is looking forward to expanding its user base. As per the CEO, Isaac Dietrich, the team is working hard to increase the number of people who are using this social media platform up to 2 million. The team has figured out that making the app popular among celebrities is one of the best options available to increase the number of people using it conveniently. As a result, they have started recruiting celebrities.

The pro-cannabis celebrities have the potential to take Massroots app to the next level. That’s because the celebrities have the ability to spread a message across the community within a short period. On the other hand, people trust the words of celebrities, and they try to follow what the celebrities do. If pro-cannabis celebrities recommend that all the weed lovers should get together at Massroots to share their experiences, the app will get the opportunity to reach two million users within a short period. In other words, the popularity of this app would grow, in a similar way to the growth of the cannabis industry.

At the moment, Massroots has already promoted the app to some of the well-known celebrities in the country. Snoop Dogg is one of them. Snoop has got more than 17 million followers on Instagram, but now he is promoting Massroots through his personal Instagram profile. Most of the people who have followed Snoop Dogg on Instagram are weed lovers. As a result, Snoop is creating a tremendous impact on the increasing popularity of Massroots app.

The Massroots team has already planned to recruit some more celebrities, who are also weed lovers to spread the message about this app. As a result, the number of people who are using the app would increase soon. This level of growth would create an ideal platform where everyone can come together and enjoy sharing posts related to weed.

How Weedable Is Making Cannabis Social

Cannabis is now legally accepted in 26 different states of United States. As a result, people are provided with the opportunity to go viral with their love for weed. Now you don’t need to purchase weed from the illegal sellers in your neighborhood. You just need to visit one of the local stores that sell cannabis and purchase it. However, locating a dispensary that offers cannabis would be a somewhat difficult task, especially if you are looking forward to buy pot from a legal store for the first time. That’s where Weedable can help you out.
Weedable can simply be defined as an online directory of dispensaries that offer cannabis for people in need. However, it differs significantly from the traditional directories that you can see on the internet. Weedable doesn’t just show the dispensaries that can be found in your neighborhood within a map. It is more like a social marketplace, which provides excellent assistance for weed lovers.
Weed lovers are engaged with the task of making cannabis legal in all the states of United States. Their efforts have delivered successful results as of now. However, they are continuing with their efforts and have got the need to meet up on a regular basis. Weedable creates an ideal platform for those individuals, who are working hard with one common mission.
Weedable is not just available for cannabis consumers. Businesses that are engaged with selling weed can also think about signing up with Weedable in order to promote what they are selling. In other words, Weedable acts as a perfect link where consumers and businesses can come together. They can interact with each other, which contributes towards the growth of the cannabis community.
With the help of Weedable, dispensaries are provided with the ability to set up storefronts that feature products related to THC, such as seeds, topicals, concentrates, edibles and strains. They can also highlight the CBD and THC levels that can be found in each product. However, Weedable it is important to keep in mind that businesses are not restricted to stick only to THC products. They can also sell non-THC products such as papers, pipes and other related accessories. Then those products can be exposed for the people in need.
People who are interested in purchasing these products can think about signing up with Weedable and locating the businesses. With the available features, weed lovers are provided with the ability to filter and sort dispensaries that are located in close proximity. In addition, the consumers are provided with the ability to create their own profiles in Weedable and follow the favorite vendors. The best vendors can be shared across other users as well. In addition, all the consumers and businesses are provided with the ability to share videos, pictures and reviews of the products that are being sold through the platform. Therefore, Weedable would provide an excellent support towards the growth of cannabis community within the country.

Top five cannabis vaporizers

Cannabis is legalized now in a large number of states across the country. As a result, you can purchase cannabis and enjoy without going through any frustration. During the recent past, vaping cannabis has received much attention. It is one of the best alternatives available for smoking. However, you need to be careful enough to get hold of a cannabis vaporizer in order to get the best out of vaping. Here is a list of top 5 cannabis vaporizers that are available in the market for you to try.
1. Mig Vapor Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer
If you are looking forward to get hold of a vaporizer that is manufactured by one of the leading brands, this is one of the best options available to consider about. This vaporizer comes along with a convection style, which is paired with a ceramic chamber. Due to the presence of the LED display, you will get the opportunity to select the ideal vaping temperature. The ceramic chamber can deliver a soft and a clean vaping experience to the users.
2. PAX 3 Vaporizer
PAX 2 Vaporizer was able to maintain an excellent reputation throughout because of its powerful properties. PAX 3 Vaporizer comes along with more or less the same specifications. If you are looking for the best ground herb vaporizer, this is an ideal option available to consider about. It delivers a consistent performance to the users as well. In addition, this vaporizer comes along with a stylish design, which promotes ease of use. The powerful 3,500mAh battery embedded within this vaporizer deliver an extended usage time to the users.
3. Pen Elite Vaporizer
The Pen Elite Vaporizer is a product of one of the most reputed companies, Grenco Science. This is one of the elegant and highly functional vaporizers available for you to use. The ergonomic and futuristic design that you can find in this vaporizer promotes versatility as well. You will be able to find a built-in LED display in this vaporizer, which helps you to get hold of the perfect temperature.
4. Firefly 2 Vaporizer
This is another portable vaporizer, which has been able to maintain a solid reputation for its unmatched quality. It has the ability to accommodate think oil concentrates, waxes and dry herbs. It can also provide an all-day vaping experience to the users. You will be able to find a glass heating and delivery system built into this vaporizer. The flavor that is delivered from the material is full and intact.
5. Arizer Solo Vaporizer
This is one of the most popular portable vaporizers available for the people to try out. It has been sold since 2012 and has maintained a solid reputation for the portability. This vaporizer has the ability to give out pure clouds of vapor. Due to the portable design, you will not have to go through any hassle when using or maintaining it. Its durable design can help you vape for years as well.

How you could grow cannabis in your own home with SEEDO

Isn’t technology amazing? If any of you have ever tried to grow cannabis, you will know that it is difficult. Very difficult. Thankfully, you have technology. There is a new machine coming our way soon, dubbed SEEDO, which is causing quite a stir in the cannabis growing world.

SEEDO is a fully-automated hydroponic grow system. While it has been designed specifically for growing cannabis, you will be able to grow a whole host of other plants inside it too. Although, we are positive that most people are going to be using it to grow weed. This is a machine designed for those who really do not know what they are doing.

In order to use SEEDO, you put your plant inside of the equipment. It does not take much to set it up. You then shut the door and you are done. It will grow in a couple of weeks. There is an application that you can download onto your smartphone which will allow you to check the progress of your crop each and every step of the way. It doesn’t matter where you are. You will have full control over access to the SEEDO machine too. You will be able to lock it from your phone. This means that you do not have to worry about people stealing your crop and the like.

Everything that is needed to grow the cannabis, bar the seeds and that sort of thing, can be found right inside of the SEEDO system. The system has an in-built camera (which is how you will monitor your crop). It is completely air tight and there are various filters inside to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We predict that SEEDO is going to completely shake up the world of home grown cannabis. While you can set up a DIY system in the comfort of your own home, which once you get the ball rolling can be fairly automated, it is something which is still out of the reach of many people. There are far too many pieces of equipment to purchase which can really make the process complicated. This is why SEEDO is likely to take off. It takes the complication out of everything. You do not have to pay attention to the minerals going into your plants, you don’t have to worry about ensuring that your plants get the right amount of light at the right times. It is a simple system. You could go on vacation, come back, and your SEEDO will still be keeping your plants alive. We feel that the more people that pick up this system, the more people will start to turn towards home growing as this is how you are able to produce the best possible cannabis.

The SEEDO is not currently available to purchase, but it is likely that you will be able to get your orders in for it soon. They are sure to sell out quickly. Try to be quick!