Massroots app recruits celebrities to grow user base

The popularity of weed is increasing on a daily basis. In today’s world, weed is no longer being sold on the back alleys and basements. There are licensed shops that sell pot in 23 different states of United States. People who are looking forward to purchasing marijuana just need to visit these stores and buy. This trend has created an ideal platform for the increasing popularity of Massroots app.

What exactly is Massroots? Massroots can be defined as the Instagram of weed. I’m sure you are familiar with Instagram and how it works. Massroots is based on the same features, but it is specifically designed for weed lovers. Now you don’t need to share your “weed” related photos on Instagram. You are provided with a dedicated platform, and you just need to go there and share what you got. All the people who have signed up with Massroots are weed lovers just like you. You would find your friends in this app as well.

MassRoots Short Ad (iPhone)-HD from MassRoots on Vimeo.

At the moment, Massroots is looking forward to expanding its user base. As per the CEO, Isaac Dietrich, the team is working hard to increase the number of people who are using this social media platform up to 2 million. The team has figured out that making the app popular among celebrities is one of the best options available to increase the number of people using it conveniently. As a result, they have started recruiting celebrities.

The pro-cannabis celebrities have the potential to take Massroots app to the next level. That’s because the celebrities have the ability to spread a message across the community within a short period. On the other hand, people trust the words of celebrities, and they try to follow what the celebrities do. If pro-cannabis celebrities recommend that all the weed lovers should get together at Massroots to share their experiences, the app will get the opportunity to reach two million users within a short period. In other words, the popularity of this app would grow, in a similar way to the growth of the cannabis industry.

At the moment, Massroots has already promoted the app to some of the well-known celebrities in the country. Snoop Dogg is one of them. Snoop has got more than 17 million followers on Instagram, but now he is promoting Massroots through his personal Instagram profile. Most of the people who have followed Snoop Dogg on Instagram are weed lovers. As a result, Snoop is creating a tremendous impact on the increasing popularity of Massroots app.

The Massroots team has already planned to recruit some more celebrities, who are also weed lovers to spread the message about this app. As a result, the number of people who are using the app would increase soon. This level of growth would create an ideal platform where everyone can come together and enjoy sharing posts related to weed.