How Weedable Is Making Cannabis Social

Cannabis is now legally accepted in 26 different states of United States. As a result, people are provided with the opportunity to go viral with their love for weed. Now you don’t need to purchase weed from the illegal sellers in your neighborhood. You just need to visit one of the local stores that sell cannabis and purchase it. However, locating a dispensary that offers cannabis would be a somewhat difficult task, especially if you are looking forward to buy pot from a legal store for the first time. That’s where Weedable can help you out.
Weedable can simply be defined as an online directory of dispensaries that offer cannabis for people in need. However, it differs significantly from the traditional directories that you can see on the internet. Weedable doesn’t just show the dispensaries that can be found in your neighborhood within a map. It is more like a social marketplace, which provides excellent assistance for weed lovers.
Weed lovers are engaged with the task of making cannabis legal in all the states of United States. Their efforts have delivered successful results as of now. However, they are continuing with their efforts and have got the need to meet up on a regular basis. Weedable creates an ideal platform for those individuals, who are working hard with one common mission.
Weedable is not just available for cannabis consumers. Businesses that are engaged with selling weed can also think about signing up with Weedable in order to promote what they are selling. In other words, Weedable acts as a perfect link where consumers and businesses can come together. They can interact with each other, which contributes towards the growth of the cannabis community.
With the help of Weedable, dispensaries are provided with the ability to set up storefronts that feature products related to THC, such as seeds, topicals, concentrates, edibles and strains. They can also highlight the CBD and THC levels that can be found in each product. However, Weedable it is important to keep in mind that businesses are not restricted to stick only to THC products. They can also sell non-THC products such as papers, pipes and other related accessories. Then those products can be exposed for the people in need.
People who are interested in purchasing these products can think about signing up with Weedable and locating the businesses. With the available features, weed lovers are provided with the ability to filter and sort dispensaries that are located in close proximity. In addition, the consumers are provided with the ability to create their own profiles in Weedable and follow the favorite vendors. The best vendors can be shared across other users as well. In addition, all the consumers and businesses are provided with the ability to share videos, pictures and reviews of the products that are being sold through the platform. Therefore, Weedable would provide an excellent support towards the growth of cannabis community within the country.