Greetings! I’m Peter Saffron. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our content on cannabis technology.

I am a network administrator for several organizations, with a passion for gadgets, web technology, hardware, machinery. Living here in Colorado, I freelance setting up and maintaining networks for a few dispensaries, so I hang out with very high-class people; pun intended 🙂 Taking cannabis I have singlehandedly figured out some very complex problems that my clients have experienced. So although I am not supposed to call her this, Mary Jane is this web slinger’s soul mate.

I love learning about all the components and inner workings that power the harvesting, growing, consumption, and marketing of cannabis. Just knowing that a gadget, tool, machine, web application, or other technology is helping more people consume a great friend to many, I get motivated to learn everything about it. And this blog documents what I learn. It is kind of like my online notepad.

I also have some people sending me ideas because I get emails from people who I do not know who have read my articles. My objective is to grow it into one of the leading online magazines covering cannabis technology. I am so glad that you are taking the time to join me on my journey. Thank you so much.